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I rather think it's the school you see first that grabs your heart. I don't mind people calling me a science nerd. How wonderful to read about an author who obviously has mastered the idea of enjoying writing and life in general! Your books sound fascinating, and I love your approach!

Maria, I see I have to read more of your books, especially this one that takes place in England. Wonderful interview. I visited Oxford many years ago and would love to return. I look forward to "traveling" there with Dotsy from the comfort of my armchair. The chemistry of color sounds fascinating. Thanks, Maria, for joining us at WWK.

I'm going to Istanbul next year, so your book set there is definitely one I'll be reading. Maria, it sounds like a wonderful series. I love anything set in England. I've been there several times and want to go back. I'll put your books on my TBO list. When I haven't been to England for a couple of years, I start feeling deprived.

It's not exotic, but to me, it's comfortable. I get the feeling this is how I'd like to live, but I can't afford two homes. I'll start checking air fares again soon.

Grace Topping

I still haven't been to the Lake Country or to Wales. They are on my bucket list.

Maria Hudgins

Grace, before you go to Istanbul, let's talk. I love to talk about Istanbul. Post a Comment. Davis Kaye George Debra H. November Interviews. M Burns, Bookmarked For Murder. Saturday Guest Bloggers:. The first book, Revenge Is Sweet , will be released in March. Shari Randall will be writing again for St. Martin's, perhaps under a pseudonym.

Congratulations, Shari! Read E. Davis's interview with Susan.

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Their agenda is to prove to these arrogant academics that King Arthur and Guinevere were real people. As a big surprise, Bram Fitzwaring plans to produce their royal bones. An insulin-dependent diabetic, Fitzwaring appears to have died from hypoglycemia. But Dotsy, also diabetic, says his symptoms prior to his demise do not spell hypoglycemia.

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They spell murder. It made me want to travel more with Dotsy and Lacy.

Grace Topping. Welcome, Maria, to Writers Who Kill.

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In Death in an Ivory Tower , Dotsy Lamb found herself in the midst of heated arguments about whether King Arthur really existed and whether Shakespeare actually wrote the works attributed to him—issues so contentious they drove someone to murder. Where does Dotsy stand on these issues? Dotsy believes in keeping an open mind. On the subject of King Arthur, she recognizes that the evidence for his ever having existed is thin, but a part of her hopes the future will bring new evidence—that he did live and that he was, if not a king, a hero to his people. Dotsy has some choice words for those elite snobs.

I, personally, do not doubt that Dotsy is right. She recognizes the clue because she herself has diabetes. Dotsy has been diabetic throughout the series. In Death of an Obnoxious Tourist , the first book in the series, she passes out on the roof of a hotel due to low blood sugar. In each of the succeeding books, her diabetes plays some role, but not always a big one. Since that first book came out, there have been several medical advances in the management of diabetes. These are making it easier for Dotsy to travel with little worry.

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