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Plz trust me guys. Voodoo Doll pre-Frostlich is an Assassinate, a pretty reasonable card for a heavy control deck to play. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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This card is pretty good for any control deck. Pretty good, pretty good! November 19, at pm.

With the new loa, this card is part of a game-winning combo. When a fire occurs in deep, is it therefore that both extinguish the fire and cool fryer.

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In case of fire activated the system automatically and the whipped cream-like substnas present a fire retardant coating on the burning liquid. The whipped cream-like LFE fluid ensures that no one takes off in a controlled manner, without the hot fluid spurting out onto the floor. The aim is that the heat source is removed from the liquid fire, so fire can not reignited.

Within 30 seconds, the fire being extinguished. For more information see the following pages:. Customized solutions designed to solve customers' challenges is what makes Fire Eater unique.