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Golden Rule of Capital Accumulation | Economic Growth

Several directors of large Spanish companies agreed that in practice, the economy must turn towards people. Eduardo Serra, VP of Everis, pointed out that the main factor of production was for centuries land.

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Then it became capital. But in the future it will be talent, meaning people.

Putting others first is a win-win situation for everyone. The conference was organized by the Madrid Vivo Foundation, which supports social, cultural and educational initiatives that promote values fundamental for society. Tirole has a patient, explanatory style.

But when riled, he lashes out. As the title suggests, it is a response to the crisis of the economics profession, whose credibility was badly damaged by the financial turmoil of Though not the first book to address this, more than any earlier attempt it manages to balance a constructive critique of economists with a strong defence of the subject they study.

This is too rare a skill among economists. Economics for the Common Good has a great deal of humility, a fair amount of conviction and a sincere commitment to improving the world.

How to Destroy Neoliberalism: Kill ‘Homo Economicus’

Many of our ebooks are available through library electronic resources including these platforms:. From Nobel Prize—winning economist Jean Tirole, a bold new agenda for the role of economics in society.

When Jean Tirole won the Nobel Prize in Economics, he suddenly found himself being stopped in the street by complete strangers and asked to comment on issues of the day, no matter how distant from his own areas of research. His transformation from academic economist to public intellectual prompted him to reflect further on the role economists and their discipline play in society. Economists are rewarded for writing technical papers in scholarly journals, not joining in public debates. Tirole has a patient, explanatory style.