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Free Ebook online The Boys Upstairs. Free Ebook online The Master-Christian. Life was a struggle and after her father's death in , Laura felt an urge to write that began with an essay about him. At the same time, a teenage Rose was making personal notes in her textbooks but hers were 'cranky and sardonic'.

She hated the poverty around her, her ill-fitting, sack-like clothing, the donkey that carried her to school and the hardscrabble life of her parents. She hated living on the wrong side of the railroad tracks in a rooming house that Rose called 'Poverty Flats' in Mansfield. She hated sitting next to the well-dressed town girls and felt superior to the professor, a bald man with whiskers so long he didn't need to wear a tie.

When she was 18 years old, she hopped a train for Kansas City where she found work as a telegrapher. Rose's writings were now starting to get published in Cosmopolitan magazine and she followed a boyfriend out to San Francisco who worked for the San Francisco Call, a Bay area newspaper, she started writing for the paper herself. Rose Wilder married Clair Gillette Lane but they weren't happy as a couple.

Rose was pregnant but a premature delivery and stillbirth sent her back home to the Ozarks briefly to be with her parents.

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Laura loved the countryside back in Mansfield, Missouri, 'the Gem of the Ozarks' that had once been a 'whites-only sundown town, where blacks were not welcome after dark'. Laura's racism and anti-Semitism was edited from her writing, Fraser claims. In town, Laura helped set up the first chapter of the Eastern Star Masonic Lodge she had joined back in Dakota Territory, a foothold into local social life with meetings that required Masonic dress of aprons, swords and jewels.

Ritual ceremonies had special knocks, signs and signals adding color to otherwise drab lives.

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She now could dress elegantly when going into town and she took to wearing full skirts, hats with feathers or flowers and lacy collars. Laura was establishing herself with writing reports, speeches, as well as getting involved in Mansfield's Methodist church. The real Laura Ingalls Wilder 'had a sharp temper and a dry humor noting the resemblance of a yard full of swine to their owners'. Life was a struggle for Laura and after her father's death in , Laura felt an urge to write that began with an essay about him.

Rose escaped her family's poverty and ended up in San Francisco with a new husband who got her a job at a local newspaper. Rose had a talent for yellow journalism, using eye-catching headlines for exaggerated stories. Pictured: Rose Wilder Lane, newly married, in All of Laura's writing went through Rose — and Rose's contacts with editors and publishers secured book deals for her mother which eventually made her very rich. Pictured: Laura and Almanzo Wilder visiting neighbors near Mansfield, Rose was high flying in her own writing, which she viewed as entertainment, and San Francisco was the heart of yellow journalism with 'little distinction between fact-based reporting and pure invention'.

Rose played fast and loose with an interview with Henry Ford and then Jack London that ran as a serial, but was totally fiction.

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  5. Writing a column for the Ruralist, a farm journal back in Missouri, Laura didn't understand journalistic ethics and didn't recognize anything being wrong with fictional reporting — an easy move towards the women mythologizing Laura's tales of the prairie. Moving to the Ozarks may have inspired Laura's nostalgia to write about her early years from the notebooks she had always kept while her family moved to escape poverty on the Western Plains.

    She had never graduated from high school and was not an intellectual, but had an intellect, Fraser writes.

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    Rose put her embellishment talent to work editing her mother's tepid writing style, inventing characters and fictionalizing episodes. Pictured: Rose testifying as a 'revolutionist' before a Congressional subcommittee hearing on the Ludlow Resolution, May 10, Rose, her mother's guide, had no journalistic ethics and with Rose's editing and contacts, the mother-daughter team began selling off novels.

    The research that the duo would later say went into their books was 'far from rigorous'.