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A novelist returns to his former prep school to teach, stirring up old memories of a schoolmate who vanished and various present-day student and teacher troubles in this debut novel. When Fritz Davenport goes missing in March of his senior year at the Blackburne School, his best friend and roommate, Matthias, assumes a fight they had was a contributing factor.

Ten years later Matthias is back at the all-boys' school to teach English, having recently lost his girlfriend and confidence in his writing as he works on his second novel, for which he received a big advance. With Matthias narrating, Swann toggles between his character's student and teacher periods, showing how intense friendships and cruelty can mark adolescence indelibly and exploring how people deal with the memories and wounds as adults.

Matthias exemplifies dealing badly. He connects with a helpful deputy sheriff who originally worked on the Fritz case and stumbles on a campus figure who may be tied to both the recent student death and the decade-old disappearance. A patchy but promising work that suggests a writer likely to prove much stronger with his sophomore effort.

In the Lion's Shadow: The Iranian Schindler and his Homeland in the Second World War

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The Ghost and the Darkness, scene of killing the second lion

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Shadow of the Lions A Novel. I had the distinct feeling that I was chasing him, that I had to catch up with him, before something caught up with me.

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That is just one question Christopher Swann explores in this compulsively readable debut, a literary thriller set in the elite—and sometimes dark—environs of Blackburne, a prep school in Virginia. Offered a job teaching English at Blackburne, he gets swiftly drawn into the mystery. In the shadowy woods of his alma mater, he stumbles into a web of surveillance, dangerous lies, and buried secrets—and discovers the troubled underbelly of a school where the future had once always seemed bright.

A sharp tale full of false leads and surprise turns, Shadow of the Lions is also wise and moving.