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The pair were caught up in the aftermath of the Israeli gunship assassination attack on a leading Palestinian extremist.


A building they were in just minutes earlier was hit in retaliation. The MPs were also confronted by an Israeli soldier armed with a grenade as they tried to leave the strip. Speaking ahead of the press conference, Ms King said the visit, organised by Christian Aid, had opened her eyes. Referring to Warsaw, scene of the historic uprising by its Jewish inhabitants, Ms King said: "It is the same in nature but not extent.

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She stressed the "very, very big difference" between Gaza and the infamous ghetto established by the Nazis in Poland's capital. But the MP said: "What makes it similar is what happened to the Jewish people in that time which was the seizing of land, being forced from property, torture and bureaucracy - control used in a demeaning way over the smallest task.

You will see a very different Jerusalem than the one you idealize. American Ambassador to Israel, David M. Since your appointment as U.

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Unfortunately, as we all know too well, love alone is never enough. In the spirit of full disclosure, let me state that Ir Amim, together with Israeli residents of Arnona, has filed a petition against the circumvention of the Planning and Construction Law in order to expedite the move of the American embassy to May 14th.


Your future neighbors in the Arnona neighborhood are already protesting the extensive damage that will be caused to their community by the rushed construction, as well as the denial of their legal right to submit objections and consider potential alternatives. Even before the embassy changes locations, the move will entail the subversion of law, cause environmental damage, and antagonize your new neighbors.

These considerations are not only problematic in and of themselves; they are symptomatic of much larger neighborhood problems. Those of us who live here in Jerusalem are concerned that people who reside outside of it do not always appreciate the complications of living life in a conflicted city. You recently declared that Jerusalem, under Israeli rule, serves as an exemplary model of co-existence. As a native resident of Jerusalem, this declaration strikes me as the typical sentiment of a recent arrival. Anyone truly familiar with the city from within cannot help but adopt a much more nuanced view of the situation.

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  4. On your next visit to Jerusalem, if you diverge from the traditional tourist itinerary, I believe you, too, will appreciate the much more challenging complexities of our city. If you have never been to these places, you are not alone; most of the politicians who wax poetic about Jerusalem have never been either.

    Discrimination in planning is one of the most revealing indicators of unequal treatment between Israeli citizens and Palestinian residents of Jerusalem. With all due respect, Ambassador Friedman, these circumstances — a perfunctory representation of the inequities between east and west Jerusalem — are not a recipe for co-existence. Contrary to the customary portrayal of Jerusalemites as extremists, residents from both sides of the city are generally moderate people — the very reason why we are able to avoid even more violence in our city.

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    We are aware that we live on the edge of a volcano and do our best to live and let live. Yes, Palestinians and Israelis interact in Jerusalem, but in spite of , not because of, the reality that has been imposed upon us. Foxman National Director.

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