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So there are rules against handing them over to civilians.

I can feel them watching me, biding their time. Dolphins can stay awake for five days at a stretch, like some terrible predator from the collective unconscious. They have teeth, more than any other mammal. They have foot-long retractable penises. I found a video online of a dolphin masturbating with the body of a decapitated eel. I found another one of a dolphin trying to rape a buoy.

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One night in , a drunk from Yalta went for a dip off Massandra beach and was mobbed by a pod of dolphins. They tried to drown him, and he was only saved because the coastguard happened to be patrolling nearby. I believe all dolphins are the same. I have come to the conclusion that dolphins save some and condemn others. They love to play god.

They relish their power over life and death.

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Of all the mammals they are the most like clever reptiles. What are they planning? These dolphins have been drilled in warfare. And they talk to each other, of course.

The dangerous ones are kept isolated. God help us.

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What if they escape and teach the others? But I was proud when we marched into Crimea. Our cause is just.

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  • The passing of Bill S-203 is a major victory for animal welfare in Canada.
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The aquarists I overhear chatting in the canteen are happy to answer to Moscow instead of Kiev. These are Russian people and this is Russian land. People sometimes put flowers on it.

  • Dolphins filmed swimming next to fishing boat in Tyneside.
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Perhaps those people would say that Laika gave her life for Russia. But I do believe that if Laika was loyal to her handlers at the Cosmodrome she was in some sense loyal to her country. The Dolphin Law is a mythology. It tells the story of the bonding of a woman and a dolphin mother in time of crisis. It is about a mother's love and the willingness to do whatever is needed to protect her child.

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It is a short story that is a gripping adventure for young children, a lesson to teens about what it means to grow up, and a call to all humans to accept our responsibility to care for our magnificent oceans and all sea life that composes three fourths of the surface of our planet. We are definitely not alone and it will take all of us to survive.

The question is - Are dolphins the humans of the sea, or are humans the dolphins of the land? As the old Hawaiian greeting says, "Aloha, May we share the breath of love and welcome. Read more Read less. No customer reviews.

The Brief, Bright Life of New Zealand’s Beloved Celebrity Dolphin

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