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The sheep promise to find a replacement that Ava can count on, but it might not be as easy as they thought In this hilarious take on a familiar bedtime ritual, readers will be charmed by Ava and her fluffy friends. A gently humorous book that families will undoubtedly come to count on. On many spreads, the animals take up the entire space, creating a cinematic vista. The endpapers feature a series of repeated, lovely and puffy cloudlike sheep in mid-leap. The artwork was scrumptiously silly and meshed perfectly with this zany tale. His sheep are full-bodied, fluffy, and eminently huggable; his buffalo are vast bulldozers fronted by tiny, squinty eyes; his trebuchet-building penguins are far too smart for their own good.

In short, this is an amusing sort of bedtime read. It might even convince kids the wisdom of actually falling asleep. Teacher's Guide. Someone has been doing a lot of work. Someone has been operating a cement mixer, driving a bulldozer, and using a forklift to build walls, frame windows, and nail down a roof. Someone has built a big, strong home for Jack. But is this the house that Jack built? One tired puppy dog disagrees. These great machines loom on the page, but Wohnoutka has beveled the edges to make them as soft as sponge cake and just as desirable, as they shimmer in the heat of a summer afternoon.

This book was built for those youngsters with a jones for trucks and other big wheels, and it delivers in spades. Large-scale acrylic illustrations and repetitive phrasing make this a good choice for read-alouds. Perfect read for boys who like tractors or any other big machine with levers, wheels or control sticks. Check out the amazing classroom resources Toni has created! Book Description Little Tembo, a baby elephant, is thirsty and her herd cannot find any water.

But Bibi, the matriarch, "remembers the way to wet. Deftly combining dramatic and reassuring moments and illustrated with lush images based on African elephant life, this book is sure to become a read-aloud favorite for children, parents, and grandparents. Wohnoutka's lovely illustrations, in tans, purples and grays, convey the vastness of the setting, along with accurate depictions of the elephants and the other watchful animals.

A gentle, loving picture of interaction among generations. The illustrations of the African savannah provide detail, while the anthropomorphic expressions of the animals are appealing. Young readers will enjoy this tender story. Book Description Kito wants to be just like his papa, the protector of the pride. Throughout a day and night on the savanna, the cub imitates the way his father roars, swings his tail, shakes his head, and pounces.

50. What Pet Should I Get? by Dr. Seuss

Kito may be too little to catch a wildebeest, but he is brave enough to succeed in his own hunt. Someday he will be King, just like his Papa. With its rhythmic text, dramatic moments on the African plain, and playful times for cub and papa, this book will make a perfect read-aloud for family sharing. The pacing is superb, with the right amount of drama for the youngest readers yet awash with reassuring paternal love and care for young Kito.

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At the same time, its quiet nature makes for a good one-on-one sharing, too. Book Description In the wide, shining world there is so much to see, and Twiga is curious. Nicely composed and pleasing in their use of rounded forms and line, the broad double-page illustrations show up well from a distance. A good choice for reading aloud.

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Twiga is the Swahili word for giraffe. The story follows a curious baby giraffe who keeps wandering away from his mother to explore the interesting sights and smells that surround them. The author includes a brief note on giraffes and the illustrator creates a beautiful African setting.

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The yellow tone of color gives warmth to the pictures. Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas in Minnesota! Ready to greet you are 5 golden hotdishes, 4 lumberjacks, 3 red stones, 2 hockey sticks Jack is so excited about the visit of his twin cousins, Sarah and Hannah, that he gives them one of these VERY unusual gifts on each of the twelve days of Christmas.

Hannah writes lively letters home to tell her mom and dad all about their trip. Lucky readers are in for a wild Christmas countdown! Paul Pioneer Press as one of the best holiday gifts for children. Reviews "Nicely blends facts and fun. Paul Pioneer Press. Charming, lighthearted illustrations. Wohnoutka's brightly colored acrylics feature large, up-close views of the characters, making this perfect for sharing with groups. Both Dandelion's exuberance and Mom's reluctance are clearly painted on their faces, and the two plainly exude love for one another.

A delightful addition to any preschool or toddler collection.

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Although there are many duck stories available, this one is a standout. The bright-hued artwork and rhythmic text make it a wonderful choice for toddlers and preschoolers, as well as a perfect storytime selection. Better still, he situates readers exactly at the center of the action. Reading Guide.

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Book Description Under Cowboy Sam's hat are more secrets than fleas on Doc Peeble's hound dog, more secrets than peppers on a chili pepper plant, and more secrets than spikes on a horny toad lizard. Just about everyone in the town of Dry Gulch wants to tell Sam a secret. But when his hat gets plum full of secrets and won't stay put on his head, Sam is bumfuzzled and bewildered.

Nominated for the Buckaroo Award. The illustrations are both effective and enchanting as they capture the true western flavor. A pleasing, humorous read for young cowboy fans. They are the queens of metaphor. Book Description Johnny Appleseed was an important historical figure,well known for planting apple orchards across the new frontier.

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But he was also a master storyteller! In his own folksy voice, Johnny Appleseed tells his story to a couple of entranced children in this fictionalized title. Readers learn how he started planting apple trees and about some of the myths and true stories of his life. Vibrant illustrations capture the outgoing personality of Johnny Appleseed and the beautiful landscapes that he travels. Book Description What can your dad do?

For your Disney Lover…

Can he climb the highest mountain? Or swim to the bottom of the sea? In this heartwarming story about how dads are strong, brave, and all around great, dads can do anything. Pleasant enough for anytime, but especially Father's Day. The following books are either out of print or only available through the Scholastic Book Club. A Scholastic Book Club Selection. Book Description Psssst!

My heart can be closed…or opened up wide.

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Meta-cognition of our hearts if there is such a thing! Empowering and hopeful. But Muffin has donuts.

49. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Which, as we all know, bears like an awful lot. So much to like about this book — bright, colorful illustrations and great word choice. This book would also make a great anchor for teaching similes, point of view, and the five senses. Great message about self care and not having to please everyone all the time. Released Feb.