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Call for details. Search Genealogy Subject Guides. Search Events Programs Story Times. Katz, Shalom on the Range , about a Jewish railroad detective investigating a train robbery in Colorado.

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Jane Kirkpatrick, A Clearing in the Wild , about a German-American woman in a Bethelite religious colony in s Missouri who takes the opportunity to push for freedom when she joins a group sent to the Northwest to scout a new location for the group; Christian message; 1 in the Change and Cherish trilogy. Jane Kirkpatrick, A Tendering in the Storm , about a German-American woman and her husband who break away from a confining religious community to make their own way in s Washington territory; Christian message; 2 in the Change and Cherish trilogy.

Jane Kirkpatrick, A Mending at the Edge , about a German-American woman struggling to balance her need for community and individual freedom in a confining religious community in s Oregon; Christian message; 3 in the Change and Cherish trilogy. Jane Kirkpatrick, What Once We Loved , about a group of women struggling to make new lives for themselves in California and Oregon after surviving tragedy on the Oregon Trail; Christian message; 3 in the Kinship and Courage trilogy.

Brian Leung, Take Me Home , about a woman who, after her brother's Wyoming farm fails, must work in a mine, where she becomes friends with a Chinese miner, setting off the fury of their violently prejudiced town. McGowan, Homesteader: Finding Sharon , about a homesteader in the Canadian West of the s who takes a stand against a cattle company while falling in love with a woman who runs a bordello; self-published.

Larry McMurtry, Folly and Glory , about an aristocratic English family on a misguided trip through the Old West; 4 and last in the Berrybender series.

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Hugh Nissenson, The Tree of Life , about a minister who has lost his faith and who moves west to Ohio. Allison K. Pittman, With Endless Sight , about a fourteen-year-old girl who loses her family on the Oregon Trail and must depend on her faith in God to sustain her through the harsh trials that follow; Christian message. Clay Reynolds, Tentmaker , about a St.

Louis tentmaker who travels west in the s, where his wagon breaks down in the middle of nowhere and a tent community gradually grows on the site. Conrad Richter, The Trees , about the eldest daughter in a family that moves westward into unsettled territory; 1 in the Awakening Land trilogy.

Conrad Richter, The Fields , about a woman from a backwoods family in Ohio who marries an educated man from New England as Ohio transforms from woodland to farmland; 2 in the Awakening Land trilogy. Conrad Richter, The Town , about an Ohio woman who experiences the transition of the country around her from farms into a town; 3 in the Awakening Land trilogy.

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  7. Ole E. Dana Fuller Ross, Independence! Dana Fuller Ross, Oregon! Dana Fuller Ross, Texas! Dana Fuller Ross, California!

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    Annette Snyder, Travis Pass , historical romance about young people from two families in conflict as both move west as part of the Oklahoma Free Land Race; self-published. Annette Snyder, Sally Murphy , historical romance about a New York orphan sent west by train and adopted by a preacher; self-published. Annette Snyder, Liberty Road , historical romance about a heartbroken young woman and the owner of a saloon and brothel. Annette Snyder, Rock Creek , historical romance about a young woman who goes to live with her father after her mother is killed in a barroom brawl; self-published.

    Annette Snyder, Whiskey Shots , two romantic short stories set in the Old West; self-published; available in ebook format only. Anna Solomon, The Little Bride , about a sixteen-year-old Jewish mail-order bride who is disappointed to find her husband is forty and lives in a sod hut in South Dakota, and who becomes attracted to her nineteen-year-old stepson. Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose , a retired historian, bitter about his failed marriage, researches the story of his grandparents' hard lives and enduring marriage in late nineteenth century California; won the Pulitzer Price for fiction in Terese Svoboda, Bohemian Girl , about a twelve-year-old girl whose father sells her to a Pawnee as a slave in and whose travels after she escapes bring her into contact with a peddler, a singer, a balloonist and other unusual characters of the Old West.

    Jack Todd, Rain Falls Like Mercy , about a young sheriff, the married woman he falls in love with, and a murder investigation disrupted when the U. Ralpn P. Vander Heide and Judith H. Vander Heide, Chris and Louisa , about a woman in the s and her Mormon ancestors from the nineteenth-century into her own time; self-published.

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    Alissa York, Effigy , a literary novel about a Utah Mormon's teenaged fourth wife who has unusual skill in taxidermy and begins to have distressingly violent dreams as the time of the Mountain Meadows Massacre approaches. Marsha Ward, The Man from Shenandoah , about a family in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley who trek to Colorado with their neighbors after the Civil War to build a cattle empire; self-published; 1 in the Owen Family series.

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    Marsha Ward, Ride to Raton , about a man estranged from his family who enters a marriage of convenience and undertakes a hazardous wintertime horseback trek with his bride over Raton Pass to Santa Fe; self-published; 2 in the Owen Family series. Marsha Ward, Trail of Storms , about a Virginia family and their flight to the West after an attack on one of the women; self-published; 3 in the Owen Family series.

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    Kaki Warner, Heartbreak Creek , historical romance about a Louisiana belle who becomes a mail order bride to a man in Heartbreak Creek, Colorado; 1 in the Runaway Brides series. Kaki Warner, Colorado Dawn , historical romance about a Scottish viscount who returns from military service to find his wife has run away to Heartbreak Creek, Colorado, and follows to try to persuade her to return with him; 2 in the Runaway Brides series.

    Kaki Warner, Bride of the High Country , historical romance about a woman who flees from her husband after a shocking revelation at their wedding reception and ends up in Heartbreak Creek, Colorado; 3 in the Runaway Brides series. Jack Adler, A Rage of Duty , about a young California woman and an English agent who fall in love despite their conflicting loyalties in Monterey, California, on the eve of the U.

    S-Mexican War. Isabel Allende, Daughter of Fortune , a literary novel about a pregnant Chilean woman who follows her lover to California during the Gold Rush.

    Two Boys in Wyoming a Tale of Adventure (Northwest Series, No. 3)

    Gwen Bristow, Jubilee Trail , about a young woman from New York who marries an adventurous trader and travels to California with him in the years before the Gold Rush. Gwen Bristow, Calico Palace , about the men and women who migrated to California before the Gold Rush and were already there when it began. Emma Donoghue, Frog Music , about a burlesque dancer whose friend Jenny Bonnet is murdered during a heat wave and smallpox epidemic in San Francisco.

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    Christina Schwarz, The Edge of the Earth , about a woman who becomes a lighthouse keeper with her husband on California's Big Sur coast in Seidman, Moments Captured , about the pioneering San Francisco photographer Edward Muybridge and his romance with the uninhibited dancer Holly Hughes. Wheeler, The Richest Hill on Earth , about the rivalry of the "copper kings" who amassed fortunes from copper mining in Butte, Montana, and the labor unrest it generated.

    Wheeler, Anything Goes , about a vaudeville troupe performing in the remote mining towns of Montana and struggling to attract audiences until a mysterious young woman with a beautiful voice joins them. Stewart E. White, Gold , about four men who form a partnership during the Gold Rush; 1 in the California trilogy.

    Frank Yerby, The Treasure of Pleasant Valley , about a man who leaves his family's ruined plantation to join the California gold rush in Frank Yerby, Devilseed , about a San Francisco prostitute who becomes wealthy during the struggle between Mexicanos and Americans for control of California during the Gold Rush era.