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This is where I made a grave mistake. Olivier had to pee, so he asked Dawson to look out for me. Dawson was holding me while I swayed to the music, when I suddenly felt, in a moment of self-consciousness, concerned about Christine. Did she know where we were? Was I ruining her night? I suggested Dawson go find Christine and bring her with us, but he hesitated. I assured Dawson I would be OK. I thought I would be. But I was wrong. Long story somewhat shorter, I wound up feeling oppressed again. I acknowledge that by this point, I was in a full on trauma response, so my discernment of the facts may be fuzzy, as rational facts often tend to blur when we are at the mercy of a trauma response.

I was not rational; I was emotional. The facts of what happened in the outer world are not important. The trauma I bumped up against hit me like a tsunami. I could contact the part of me that felt like my wild innocence was oppressed at the concert, as was the wild innocence of the old man I danced with. I remember getting yelled at and shamed when I was 5 years old, climbing a tree with the boys while wearing a church dress. How dare you show those boys your panties.

Get out of that tree and be a good girl right now! I felt the wildly innocent children, forced to sit at desks on a sunny day when the lake outside is sparkling and begging to have kids swimming in it. I ached for the leopard at the zoo, pacing in its cage, its wild innocence caged. I got whacked with the terror and outrage of those who have been and are still enslaved, their wild innocence so traumatized that it can only sneak out after hours in circles of slaves who dare to sing under their breath.

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I felt the wild women mystics and witches, the oracles, seers and healers, burned at the stake because their wild innocence and undomesticated power threatened an oppressive society. I got flooded with the traumas of every wild innocent child who has been sexually abused and beaten, who learned to dial down their light because it might trigger more abuse in the sociopaths who tortured them, cut off from their own wild innocence as they must have been.

I felt every wildly innocent rainforest destroyed by a clear cut. I felt every extinct animal species driven to extinction by those humans who maximize self-interest instead of protecting the wild innocence of the world. Although it happens rarely, I can recognize when I am feeling a pain that is not just my personal pain from this life or even what might be my past life trauma, but rather a trauma that crosses all boundaries of the separate self, tuning me into the collective trauma.

I am underwater.

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When the crest of this wave hit me, I knew in that moment—I had to get out of there. I felt like I could not stay one more minute, like the walls were closing in around me and I had tunnel vision. I thought I might pass out, but I kept my wits about me just enough to find Olivier and, in a flood of tears, beg him to take me home—which, bless his confused heart, he did. I know how to get through these transpersonal traumas. I knew I was safe, my wild innocence still intact somewhere inside of me. But in my dream that night, Jack London came to me to educate me about his history, tell me his backstory, and help give me some context for what had happened on his land, which he called Beauty Ranch.

He had a passion for rewilding our culture and took it on as his mission to help rewild this acres of land.

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  6. His most famous books— The Call of The Wild and White Fang —spoke to this mission, naming and honoring the traumas of domestication and reveling in the wild nature of living things. Beauty Ranch, he told me, was an experiment—a way to rewild the land, to protect it, to honor it as alive and sacred, to be humans learning to live in harmony with the land, rather than trying to dominate it.

    His ideas bumped up against a culture demanding domestication. His wild stallion visionary ideas threatened others.

    After years of building Wolf House, meant to be his dream house, his house burned down. I woke up to my whole body shaking the trauma out of my system. When I awoke, I felt curious.

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    What had happened? Was I meant to be a messenger of his intention to rewild the world?

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    Title: Wild Innocence Video Teenage runaway Shayla takes a job in a young couples house, frames the wife Celeste for adultery and, with a friend Patricia Kennedy , seduces the husband. I had trouble recognizing the resemblance, but the great star Shayla LaVeaux is spotlighted in this poor Paul Norman feature as just Shayla, beginning a career that would pick up steam when her last name arrived. Shayla is watching them have at it, establishing her dual nature: looking innocent but actually wild.

    She masturbates and ends up seducing the Woodman, talking dirty to him. Episodic feature has a trio of girls swimming, for some lesbian action showcasing Patricia Kennedy and Alexis De Vell. Example of Norman's lack of creativity is a scene where Steve Drake arrives as a TV repairman, pops in a porno tape to test the set that sounds like a good idea, if slightly unprofessional , and then humps Celeste.

    Shayla photographs them in action, as part of a blackmail subplot. Next filler has Shayla humping Kennedy outdoors, with Woody joining in for a threesome, leading to Patricia experiencing anal sex. Guest star E. Ryder offers Shayla a ride, of course, and she admits to being just He gets to hump her and the non-film ends with a "To Be Continued Norman routinely shot 2-part features during this period which IMDb duly lists, but only partial listing of the sequel "Wild in Motion" is there, co-starring Bionca, I don't' think it has been reissued on DVD. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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